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Would You Like To Offer Your Child Valuable Tools To Help Her/Him Succeed In Life?

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  • Real self-defense

  • Better grades in school

  • Knowing the value of hard work, dedication & discipline

  • Learning the value of working with and helping others

  • Communication skills

  • Fitness and focus and the value of time away from a computer monitor

  • What it feels like to succeed


Check Out What Parents Are Saying About Our Program!
Mother Of Black Belt Club Member Tyler Reilly, Bethany Reilly
“They discipline with care and concern.”

We had tried multiple sports before. We had taken him to baseball, basketball, and we were really trying to have him focus, we were having a hard time having him focus. We thought with Jiu Jitsu, there was a lot more discipline. We’ve seen great success, he’s attentive to the teachers which is great, all the instructors hold themselves well. They discipline with care and concern, it’s not yelling, it’s really teaching the kids. I see a sense of pride in Tyler about me talking about how good he’s doing here. It’s been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone with kids

- Bethany Reilly, Mother of 6 Year Old Black Belt Club Member Tyler Reilly

Mother Of Black Belt Club Members Jonathan & Maxwell Wippich, Livia Wippich
“I think the teachers are very very good, the kids love it too, they can’t wait to come back.”

They really love it cause this place is big, they have three different instructors for one class, they get a lot of attention, they have kids of the same age, so I love this place. It’s very nice, I think the teachers are very very good, the kids love it too, and that is the most important. They can’t wait to come back, so that is very nice. I always say to my friends to come because they give a lot of attention to the kids and they are very well trained and they know how to deal with kids of all ages.

- Livia Wippich, Mother of 6 & 9 Year Old Black Belt Club Members Jonathan & Maxwell Wippich


To Get Started, Call 310.478.5009  or Fill out this form



Here Are Some Of The Typical Benefits Provided By Our Children And Teens Martial Art Prorams:
Discipline .

Our aim is not to just force compliance, but to actually transform children into leaders, give them leadership roles and teach them the benefits of being responsible.

Fitness And Strength

Children sit for about six hours a day in school.  Often they come home sit and do their homework and then sit and watch TV or play on the computer.  By the time they go to bed they have been on their bottom more than their feet! Children to move and play.  Their growing bodies benefit greatly from the healthy activities at Bots Martial Arts.  At Robot, Bots will become mentally and physically fit.

Real Martial Arts Skills For Self Defense And Dealing With Bullies

Bullyproof your child by giving them the gift of a martial arts education. Bots practice movements and fighting skills that are guaranteed effective for self-defense against an attacker.  Additionally, Bots learn conflict resolution skills such as good communication and listening skills which, coupled with the personal confidence and martial arts skills attained, will put your child ahead of the curve in any situation life may throw at them.

Integrity and Independence

Here at Robot, we teach integrity and independence, i.e., internalizing goals.  We teach children not to just complying with outside demands but rather why trying new things is important, why failure is part of the process and why achievement is possible in all of life’s endeavors.

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